The Implementation of a Method of Ward and Peppard in Information Technology and Information Systems Strategic Planning

Muharni Sita


Today the business activities of an organization cannot be separated from the role of Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT). STKIP Dharma Wacana Metro is one of the private universities in Lampung province which has used the IS in data processing, but has not been supported by adequate IT, so the data processing is less effective and efficient. To achieve the vision, mission, and goals of STKIP Dharma Wacana Metro, and increase competitive advantage necessary strategic business plan and IS / IT strategic plan. The basic concept used to develop a IS / IT strategic planning framework STKIP Dharma Wacana Metro is the concept idea of John Ward and Joe Peppard. Results of this research is a IS / IT strategic planning as a guide for management in determining the development and IS / IT management in STKIP Dharma Wacana Metro.

Keywords: Strategic Planning IS / IT, Ward & Peppard method.


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